About Us


This company has incorporated in the year of January 2000. The main core of our business involves

  1. converting and trading polyurethane and polyethylene foams, rubber product, sealant material, non-woven fabric and green felt

  2. using and supplying high quality adhesive and glue.

The development of Double-Sided Rubber Tape. We had been asked by our customer who manufacturing construction material to develop and study any alternative source replace a well-know brand double-sided foam tape, whereby was using, and costly and expensive to them. With our research and develop on the material, we had discovered and invented a Double-Sided Rubber Tape to replace the aforesaid tape, of which such an invention could be outperformed or equivalent quality to the aforesaid tape in certain degree or application, and of which the pricing is rather more reasonable and competitive. The product had been manufactured in Jan 2003.

Of which, its has been sold at any dealers hardware, stationery, advertising, car accessories, spare part shop, the country throughout, Malaysia.

We have over 220 dealers in Malaysia selling the PS Tape, included areas like Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Penang, Butterworth, Prai, Kuala Terengganu, Kuantan, Melaka, and other towns.

The PS Tape has been used and supplied to major public sector; kindly refer to the page of testimony.

Thus, a market plan had been designed to promote and market this product to worldwide market.

Objective (AIM & MOTTO)

  1. Continue to improve and upgrade a quality of service by serving customer (Free worry-some, problems, and complaints)

  2. Consistent to source cheaper material cost and maintains material of quality for customer.

  3. Provide any latest information of the related products to customer, as this will improve business relationship and enhance business networking system to each other.

  4. Innovation and create new quality of products and services.

  5. Welcome to receive any comment of the product, hence, we can improve our product, regardless of quality, price, and so forth.

Prospectus of the future

  1. Growth together with customers

  2. Persistent to develop and research on new products.

  3. Expand the businesses and network marketing onto various industries and enter into the niche of “GLOBALISATION” market.

  4. Diversification core of businesses.

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