Introduction of Double-sided Rubber Tape (PS TAPE)

Our Company, PS Global, has invented and developed a Double-Sided Rubber Tape. Brand named PS Tape (Patent Pending 20031377).

This product, engineered and supported by German Technology, is a rubber base material which is adhesive on both sides.

The specially developed rubber material allows PS Tape to endure extreme weather conditions (heat and cold) and to hold heavy objects. It is able to cushion and insulate uneven and rough surfaces.

The above characteristics able it to permanently mount any object. Rough surfaces such as cement or, walls, glass, car windscreens, metal (Such as stainless steel), plastic, wood etc.

Technically, P S Tape can withstand temperature extremes of between negative 100 C (140 F) to a high of 800 C (1760 F). The tape can mount a weight up to 5kg (11 pounds) by using 0.10m2 (0.10q yards2) (This is equivalent to one roll of tape 12 mm x 9 meters (1/2" x 9.8 yards) - useful for mounting special material such as stainless steel. In additional, it can hold more weight by adjusting tape's volume.

The above Photograph indicated the PS Tape (PS88A) is
under testing such extreme weather, since 6th January 2003.

The above photograph indicated that PS Tape (PS88AA)
is currently under testing mounting Stainless steel.


The qualities of PS tape make it applicable to construction, renovation, advertising, (Outdoor Signage), household, and others.

To achieve good results using these tapes

  1. Hands must not be greasy
  2. Surface must be clean, flat, & dry.
  3. When applying to the surface, the tape must be pressed firmly for at least 10 seconds.
  4. The tape must be a sufficient amount in order to hold the weight of the object.

Introduction of Dura-Clene™ Scouring Pad

The dura-clene is registered as a trade mark for cleaning pad purposes. The cleaning pad has been researched and developed by using any special kind of polyurethane foams; of which is developed by PS Global (International). The dura-clene is the brand that provides for any product's cleaning purposes because t is developed for any special and high quality material for durable and efficiency used."

PS1011 foams are low-density, permeable structures of open cells and continuous ligaments; microscopically, they are rather like 3-D mesh. In fact, it is the continuous nature of the ligaments that make the foam. The structure of the open cell of PS1011 foam is strong, thus, when used, it will be last longer. This invention can also remove any tough stains, grease, oil, chemicals, and any particle deposits effectively.

Application Notes
There are myriad applications for PS1011 foam. Some are more familiar than others, such as for shoe polish and cosmetic applicators, speak grilles, mops, odorizer wicks, air condition filters, and sponges. In industrial tasks, the strong, easily fabricated, and chemical resistant nature of PS1011 foam allows it to be used for filtering, protecting, sealing, sound absorption/vibration dampening, wiping, and other specialized process.
PS1011 foam is strong and resilient, and will last for years (unlike upholstery foam) with proper handling and storage.
PS1011 foams offer a number of features that benefit research and design engineers across many industries. The interconnected lattice of continuous ligaments within the cellular structure provides greater strength than shorter fibers and also ensures uniform material characteristics throughout the structure.

PS1011 is a post process that removes the window membranes of the cell, leaving only the skeletal structure intact.

The PS1011 is made in Belgium

Conductive or Insulating
PS1011 is one of the best high quality polyurethane foams in the world. PS1011 foam can provide very low-bulk thermal or electrical conductivity, as well as insulation against high temperatures. In particular, vitreous carbon and silicon carbide PS1011 foams can endure the same extreme temperatures as solid material, but at a fraction of the weight. These characteristics lend themselves to use in aerospace applications; heat exchangers; porous electrodes; and wherever an exceptionally efficient, lightweight conductor or insulator is required.

PS1011 polyurethane foam is commonly found in the fuel tanks of military aircraft, small attack ships, and ground vehicles where it is used to prevent catastrophic explosions from hostile fire or when accidents occur (such as a static spark during over-the-wing refueling operations). It is also mandated for use in the fuel tanks of competition racecars for the same reason—to prevent explosions in case of a crash.
These special versions of PS1011 polyurethane foam with optimized pore sizes and densities are engineered specifically for explosion suppression and surge/noise mitigation, making them suitable for use in fuel tanks of any vehicle with the possibility of a fuel tank explosion. They have precise and repeatable pore sizes, reduced weight and displacement and excellent static dissipation properties.

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