Double-Sided Rubber Tape (PS TAPE)

Two grades had been produced:

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  1. PS88AA - Very High Performance Tape, which can withstand weight up to 5 kg  (11 pounds) by using 12 mm x 9 meters  (1/2" x 9.8 yards) , its can hold more weight by adjusting tape’s volume accordingly. Will withstand temperature up to 600 C  (1400 F). best used for metal (Stainless Steel), plastic, glass, cement wall (rough surfaces), wood etc.

  2. PS88A - Super Strong Adhesive Tape. Used for weight up to 2 kg  (4.4 pounds) when using 12 mm x 9 meters (1/2" x 9.8 yards). Can withstand temperature up to 800 C (1700 F). best used for automobile. Applicable for metal, plastic, glass, cement wall (rough surface), wood and others.

Testing of PS88AA - Double-sided Rubber Tape (Yellow Liner)


Testing of PS88A - Double-sided Tape Rubber Tape (White Liner)

Quality guarantee is given when using PS Tape to surface mount, if abovementioned instructions are followed. The advised and recommended specified grades of tape shall be used correctly, thereafter, PS Global will exercise discretion regarding any fault or defect to determine whether 100% full refund of the cost of the purchase tape or a replacement tape will be given. We will not accept damage to the object indirect, direct, incidental, particular, or subsequently arising from legal proceedings, including negligence, warranty, or strictly liability.

How to achieve good results using these tape
step 1 Hands must not be be greasy
step 2 Surface must be clean, flat and dry
step 3 When applying on the surface the tape must be pressed firmly for the at least 15 seconds.
step 4 The tape must be sufficient amount in order to hold the weight of the object.

Condition of storage
1. Place in between 20 degree C (68 degree F) and 27 degree C (80.6 degree F)
2. Place the remain of the unused tape inside the plastic bag or blister pack
3. Surrounding area must be free of dust and dirt
4. Does not expose direct to hot sun or hot area

Sizes are available 24 mm x 9 meters  (1" x 9.8 yards), 18 mm x 9 meters   (0.7" x 9.8 yards), 12 mm x 9 meters   (0.5" x 9.8 yards), 24 mm x 1 meter   (1" x 1.09 yards), 18 mm x 1 meter (0.7" x 1.09 yards), and 12 mm x 1 meter (0.5" x 1.09 yards). Color are available black and white.

"MSDS is available upon requested"

"Limitation of Remedy : Neither Seller nor manufacturer shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential arising out of the use or inability to use the product. Before using, user shall determine the suitability of the product for their intended use, and user assume all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith."

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